About Us

Call 1-855-855-2428 (CHAT) for free trial

Our free trial gay chat line is a great way to chat with and meet guys from all over your local area or beyond. Whenever you call our gay line you’ll get the opportunity to interact with gay males or anyone else from the LGBT community.

The best way to explain what our line is about; we’ve assembled some questions that are often asked. If you have more questions, usually the best way to find your answer is to actually call the line.

Since it’s free for first-time callers, most of your questions will be answered once you call. You can also ask other people on the line almost anything and most callers will be happy to answer you.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m a first time caller and didn’t get a free trial when I called?

This is a good question because first time caller means the first time someone has called from the number you are calling from. In most instances this will be you; however if you are calling from a dorm phone, friends phone or office line, then it’s possible that someone has called TheSystem from that specific phone number before.

I called the line and didn’t get to chat for free.

As a free caller you’ll be able to record a Greeting of yourself and listen to the Greetings of others. You’ll also be able to send messages and receive messages from others and “chat” in that way; however if you want to chat-live one-on-one, then you must become a member.

You would have heard this explained in one of the initial prompts. Here is the prompt that plays every time a first time caller calls in. (Again first-time means the first time anyone has called from the number you are using.)

As a first time caller to The System, on this call only, we are giving you….xxx…number of minutes of free trial time, which allows you to send and receive Private Messages. However, Live Chat is reserved for Members only. Your Free Trial time will begin once you begin listening to Live Greetings.

I’m a lesbian. Is this only for males?

No it’s for anyone and everyone as stated above. We are an LGBT chatline. Our slogan is “Anything but Straight”; but there is no reason straights can’t call in and chat with gays or anyone in the LGBT community.

That is a normal part of daily life. We all have gay friends who we chat with on occasion regardless if that is at the office or in various other “forums”. This line is not different in that regard.

Is this a dating line?

Not per se! This is a platform for you to exchange messages and/or chat live with other callers. If however, you do decide to meet someone that you’ve met on TheSystem, we advise caution and suggest you take the same precautions that you would when meeting anyone you don’t know.

We don’t screen callers in any way and assume no liability for anyone you might meet as a result of meeting them on TheSystem.